Codescape Development Environment

On-time delivery of leading-edge embedded solutions requires world-class tools. These tools must streamline programming, debugging and application optimization at all stages of SoC development to reduce time-to-market and ensure the best possible power consumption and system utilization. This could include tasks such as optimizing the use of Meta’s multi-threaded architecture or fine tuning Ensigma UCCP demodulation applications.


The Codescape development environment delivers new levels of development tool integration, tackling all aspects of high-performance, heterogeneous SoC platform development, and includes support for an ever increasing number of Imagination’s programmable IP cores.

Codescape is an end-to-end solution, supporting your development needs and the needs of your customers from IP evaluation through to product delivery and customer support. This one-stop solution eases the development cycle and helps you deliver the quality of finished product your customers expect in the fastest possible timeframe.

CODESCAPE Product Development Wheel

With Codescape, Imagination brings together a wealth of expertise in the form of Windows and Linux-based embedded toolkits, software development tools, hardware support packages and hardware development platforms, linked by a common Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and backed up by a team of developers and support engineers with unparalleled experience.

  • Supports every stage of silicon, SoC and application development
  • Built-in support for all Meta HTP, MTP, LTP, MTX and UCC based IP and SoCs
  • Powerful and cost-effective system for all members of the SoC and application development team
  • The entire development cycle is driven from a single IDE
  • Mature solutions that minimize design risk and reduce time to market
  • Off-the-shelf solutions for rapid deployment
  • Proven technology used by major SoC manufacturers
  • Proven IP packages for common applications
  • Lifetime product support

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