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Our technologies address some of the most challenging demands of high growth and emerging markets, such as how to deliver high performance multi-standard communications, ubiquitous connectivity or advanced multimedia capabilities whilst maintaining ultra low power consumption in mobile products.

They enhance performance and enable differentiation in the most significant areas of consumer electronics, resulting in products with real consumer appeal. This is why our IP is used by many of the best known and best loved consumer electronics brands.

Our IP enables devices to roam globally and adapt to local services, deliver high quality audio and video content and interactive graphically rich applications on mobile phones, media players and computing devices, and provide extensive internet-based services and features as well as high quality multi-standard audio decoding for connected multimedia products.

While our technologies are found in a wide variety of different product form-factors, the markets we’re engaged in can be broadly classified as follows:

Mobile Multimedia
Handheld Multimedia
Home Electronics
Mobile Computing
Design Visualization
Media & Entertainment
Emerging Markets

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