Design Visualization

Architects, designers, and engineers use visualization to communicate complex and abstract information in ways that a project's stakeholders (e.g., management, client, public, etc.) can understand. It is also used to detect errors in their design, and make informed decisions throughout the design process.


Visualization is used throughout every stage of architectural design, including Form and Modeling Studies, Light and Shadow renderings, and Walk-through and Fly-by animations. These visualizations are often used for design reviews, community involvement, public relations, and sales & marketing materials.

Civil Engineering

There is a growing demand for visualizing data for civil engineering, including road planning, railway, and construction. Visualizing before and after scenes helps the civil engineer to demonstrate how a project will be portrayed before construction even starts.


designers of industrial machinery, transportation, and consumer products use visualization to explore and communicate their designs before its built. Effective visualization speeds time to market, and will often reduce the number of costly physical prototypes required before manufacturing a product.

Imagination Technologies, through its Caustic Professional group, are developing cutting edge "in-viewport" visualization tools for the most popular design software applications, including Autodesk® 3dsMax®, Autodesk Maya®. In addition, Neon™ 1.0 for Rhinoceros® 5.0, is being developed in collaboration with McNeel & Associates. Built on the PowerVR Brazil SDK, these tools effectively replace the rasterized viewport with a fully ray traced one, bringing photo-realism that's fully interactive at the very beginning of the design process.

Whether you are a design professional or 3D graphics application developer, Caustic Professional's solutions enable design visualization that is photorealistic without sacrificing real-time interactivity.

Image source: Marcin Gruszczyk. Copyright Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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