Handheld Multimedia

This market segment includes personal media players (PMPs) and mobile TV. With our class-leading technologies, handheld multimedia products can achieve exceptional functionality with long battery life and unrivalled performance.

As demand for ‘all-in-one’ multimedia-rich devices increases, our technology families are uniquely positioned to enable the new generation of PMPs – with performance-efficient processing, low power display technologies, HD video encode and decode, digital TV and radio reception, Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced, intuitive user interfaces as elegant as the product itself.

The MIPS CPU and PowerVR GPU families of cores are renowned for their best-in-class efficiency, highest performance in the smallest silicon area and minimal power consumption.

A wide range of portable multimedia products based on the MIPS architecture have shipped in global markets. MIPS cores provide the high performance and low power needed for these battery operated devices. In addition, multi-threaded MIPS processor cores enable better overall throughput, quality of service (QoS), and power/performance efficiency, leading to an improved mobile device user experience.

Furthermore, PowerVR GPUs have been used in multiple portable gaming devices thanks to a scalable, flexible architecture that is highly customizable according to specific performance, power and area targets.

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