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Telecoms and Real-Time Communications

Major telecom carriers, both wireline and wireless, have embraced VoIP as a mainstream service alternative in the recent past. V.VoIP, over the fixed broadband (both Cable and DSL), has been around for quite some time, deployed and very well-accepted globally. The primary factors that contributed to its success were guaranteed QoS, low latency, high capacity, and hence acceptable user-experience. Similarly, wireless LTE networks and managed Wi-Fi capacity guarantee all of the necessary prerequisites thus bringing revolution to the world of mobile V.VoIP. Backed by the carriers, the V.VoIP client that was offered as a 3rd party over-the-top (OTT) client is now fully integrated with the native dialer, thus providing a simple user interface to the customer. There are some initial hiccups with continuous LTE/Wi-Fi coverage hence its mandatory to switch to the legacy circuit-switched, where LTE/Wi-Fi is not available.


Imagination’s HelloSoft Mobile V.VoIP is widely interoperated on enterprise IP-PBX, carrier networks and IMS infrastructure and tested across Wi-Fi and cellular data networks. Imagination works very closely with carriers to integrate their proprietary applications with mobile V.VoIP to provide a single user interface. Packet loss concealment combined with adaptive jitter buffer and some proprietary algorithms allow the Hellosoft V.VoIP solution to operate with up to 30% packet losses in wireless environments.

Imagination’s HelloSoft VoLTE and VCC is standards compliant and deeply integrated with the handset native dialer to provide a low-latency, superior voice and video user experience. VCC algorithms provide seamless Voice and Video calls where there is no LTE coverage by switching to legacy circuit-switched instantly.

Imagination’s HelloSoft Embedded V.VoIP SDK provides field-proven comprehensive software for wired devices such set-top boxes, residential gateways and other Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), that caters to the requirements of wired operators.


Enterprise VoIP is the default medium of communication whether you are a small, medium or large organization. It enables businesses to manage all of their communication with ease of use, lower operating cost and flexibility, especially if the enterprise is spread over multiple locations or there are mobile or remote employees. Some of the essentials of Enterprise VoIP include multi-party conferencing, supplementary call features, converged communications and unified messaging. One of the challenges is to provide a similar experience on various devices including desk phones, softphones, Wi-Fi phones and Wi-Fi enabled smartphones.

Imagination’s HelloSoft V.VoIP SDK supports all of the enterprise call supplementary features such as call forwarding, call transfer, call waiting, call hold/resume, call park and multi-party conferencing. It interoperates with almost all of the commercial enterprise IP-PBXs, SIP servers and gateways.

Imagination’s HelloSoft Media Engine SDK provides a well defined interface for integration with enterprise call management software stacks. It includes HD voice and video modules optimied to provide low-power, lower footprint, lower memory and BOM software.

Imagination’s HelloSoft Echo Canceller is an ideal solution for speakerphones on the various devices used in the enterprise environment, thus providing a consistent experience and high integrity audio clarity across the devices.

Social Media

Social Networking has become part of everyone’s life. It has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. Regular users and professionals alike enjoy being connected at almost all times with friends and colleagues, and want to share information in real-time. Imagination’s HelloSoft V.VoIP SDK provides a comprehensive set of application programming interface (APIs) for ease of integration with social networking platforms. It enables true two-way real-time voice and video communications between friends connected on social networking platforms. In addition to voice and video functionality, it also provides messaging, presence and buddy lists, thus providing a multi-platform integrated client for PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Imagination’s HelloSoft Social Communicator also provides a simple, easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface). It is available on multiple platforms and operating systems including Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. The GUI can be easily customized and enhanced with additional features as required by customers.

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