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Product design and hardware specifications

Earlier last month, an interesting email found its way in my inbox. It was from my colleagues at Pure who were announcing a stereo pair promotion for the Jongo wireless speaker system. I decided to jump right in at the offer, get myself two Jongo S3 speakers (priced at only £149 each) and share my experience with you.

Pure Jongo S3 - Ensigma RPUPure offers a range of Jongo S3 wireless speakers

All Pure Jongo wireless speakers use two exciting technologies from Imagination: Ensigma and Caskeid.

Ensigma is a revolutionary IP processor that supports a range of communications and networking protocols, including digital and terrestrial TV and radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and several others. By providing this programmable, multi-standard solution as a highly configurable family of IP cores, our partners can integrate baseband communications in their SoC, therefore bringing down costs and reducing power consumption.

Both Pure radios and wireless speakers use chipsets from Frontier Silicon, a subsidiary of the Toumaz Group. Frontier Silicon is a world leader in digital radio and connected audio platforms; the company uses our Ensigma IP to create very compelling and highly affordable communications solutions.

Pure Jongo S3 - Roma from Frontier Silicon - Ensigma-based platformRoma is a next generation, Ensigma-based platform for synchronised audio and multi-room from Frontier Silicon

These chipsets power innovative products like the Jongo wireless range, delivering advanced functionality that was not possible before. For example, Jongo S3 speakers retail for much less than competing solutions while delivering world-class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a battery life of up to ten hours.

However, the Jongo line-up has an additional secret weapon under its belt: Caskeid, the world’s most accurately synchronised wireless multiroom audio streaming technology. If you want to find out more about Caskeid, make sure you read this excellent blog and white paper from my colleague Simon Forrest, senior manager for the connected home for Imagination.Caskeid versus three leading competitive technology solutions for synchronisation

Caskeid is 8x more accurate in keeping audio synchronised compared to competing solutions

Listening experience

Last month, after becoming increasingly frustrated with the two Bluetooth speakers I used to own, I decided to replace them with two Jongo S3 speakers.

The difference these two speakers have made to the way I experience music has been incredible. I used to have two Bluetooth speakers, one in my bedroom and one in my living room; most of the music I listen to comes from my laptop so whenever I had to move between rooms, I was forced to manually disconnect from one speaker and connect to the other.

Pure Jongo S3 - my bookshelfThe two new Jongo S3 speakers playing nice with my Pure One Flow radio

Now that the Jongo speakers have been set up in my flat, I don’t have to pause my music if I’m moving around the apartment. Additionally, Caskeid makes sure that the sound is always in sync and playing smoothly no matter where I am.

Pure connect app

On top of the excellent wireless speakers, Pure offers the Connect app for iOS and Android which enables you to stream millions of tracks via the affordable subscription service or enjoy over 20,000 internet radio stations for free. However, for those of you who already have a subscription to Spotify, Pandora or any other streaming music service (myself included), there has been great news coming out of CES 2014. Thanks to the flexibility of Caskeid and Pure’s commitment to bring their unique connected audio experience to every consumer, a new software update enables all Jongo speakers to work together simultaneously ….over Bluetooth!

This had been a major deal breaker for my existing Bluetooth-only speakers and I am very excited about using my brand new Jongos together in Bluetooth mode. I’ve found setting them up to be extremely easy: whenever I had connected one of my Jongos to the network, all I had to do was select the Bluetooth Caskeid checkbox on the Jongo setup page for each speaker. All Jongos that had this box ticked were included in a Bluetooth Caskeid group that can play audio from any source on any of my devices, including my smartphone, my tablet or my laptop.

If I want to add existing speakers to the group, I can simply navigate to the Jongo list from the Now Playing page, select the Settings page for each Jongo and enable the toggle for Bluetooth Caskeid.

Thanks to Pure, I can finally enjoy my endless playlist of hardcore punk music in every room without ever pressing pause – something that my neighbours seem to appreciate too. You can order your Pure Jongo speaker from the online shop.

Do you own a Pure wireless speaker? Are you excited about the new Bluetooth Caskeid feature? Leave us a comment in the box below.

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