Imagination Technologies is conducting a survey to explore people’s opinions on the future of technology, with a particular focus on the Internet of Things, a world where devices are linked together and are able to share data. In this future, your smartphone and tablet won’t be the only clever devices in the room; smart technology will be integrated seamlessly into your daily life. Your alarm clock will inform your coffee maker to brew your morning coffee; your car will read your schedule to check traffic for you before you leave for work; and your house will automatically turn off the lights, adjust the temperature, and lock the doors when you go. The Internet of Things will bring about a revolutionary change in how you interact with the physical world.

Imagination’s broad range of IP cores is designed to drive these next generation technologies. Our PowerVR GPUs and VPUs provide the graphics and video capabilities within the world’s most iconic smartphones and tablets.

Imagination hardware IP (PowerVR, MIPS, Ensigma)Imagination has the industry’s most comprehensive IP portfolio

Our popular MIPS CPUs are at the heart of DTVs, set-top boxes, WiFi routers and cellular infrastructure. Our unique Ensigma radio processors (RPUs) and HelloSoft V.VoIP and VoLTE IP provide the connectivity needed for mobile communications. And our Flow cloud IP enables seamless delivery of services and content through the cloud.

 Imagination IP licenseesImagination has a diverse list of licensees, across all markets, from high end to low end

Together with our many leading partners, we are bringing our broad range of low-power, fully-featured IP solutions to next-generation devices.

Imagination technology partnersClose relationships with key industry partners ensures our technology leadership

The beginning of the Internet of Things is already here, and in the next few years it will grow rapidly. Imagination wants to learn more about how people use smart devices and the exciting ways people envision interacting with them in the future. We want your vision of how smart technology should advance in the future of the Internet of Things. Do you want a phone that you can wear as a watch? Do you want to see a 3D projection of someone when you make a phone call?

By giving us a few minutes of your time, you can be part of the next revolution in computing by letting Imagination know what your think about this topic.


The survey can be accessed by clicking on link above and will be online for a limited amount of time.

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