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Where possible, Imagination likes to support young people to find out more about the realities of working in our industry. We offer opportunities for 1-2 weeks work experience which you can apply for below. Please click ‘Apply now‘ on the opportunity you are interested in and attach your CV and cover letter.

If you are applying for technical work experience, make sure you give us lots of information about any electronics or software projects you have undertaken as this will make you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes if we have the availability we will offer extended internships opportunities for students who have already done a 1 or 2 week work experience placement with us.

Work Experience Opportunities


MIPS Hardware Team – UK

Join the MIPS Hardware team for work experience and immerse yourself in the world of microprocessor design. Members of the UK team cover all aspects of the delivery of MIPS M-Class and I-Class processors; through digital design, verification and physical design stages; including the creation of internal tools and flows to support the MIPS teams in this process.

Within the MIPS team, we shall introduce you to the range of activities experienced within the workplace, getting you involved in tasks that aid the team on the creation of our advanced mobile CPU technologies.

An excellent opportunity to understand how skills learned though studies can lead to a career in electronics engineering. This is particularly suited to students with an interest in programming, mathematics and electronics.
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Datapath Group – Kings Langley

The Datapath Group implements, researches and proves correctness of hardware which implements mathematical functions. The group is founded on the premise that hardware can be made more reliable, faster, smaller and more power efficient through the application of mathematical and logic reasoning. We act as an internal consultancy to Imagination’s divisions; gathering requirements for designs or architectural questions, performing research and design before returning optimised and correct hardware and software models.

The work experience week includes an overview of the group from the team lead, a demo room tour of the myriad of Imagination products, a taster of the extensive training material we use for new joiners, discussions with various team members about the nature of their work. The bulk of the week will be spent answering a particular mathematical question that is currently part of our development work, potentially using Microsoft Excel for any experiments.

Prerequisites – doing A Levels in Mathematics, Computing or Electronics.
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Here’s what some of our work experience
students had to say



My placement was absolutely great. All the staff were warm and friendly and I felt very welcome there. I was given a mentor who gladly spent some of his time during the week to explain to me what the company does and what his line of work entails, but also taught me the concepts and specifics behind what he does in order for me to understand how the whole system works. What I enjoyed the most was learning C++. It challenged me and it was rewarding to be able to solve problems. I had a great time and I learned so much in one week.



I thoroughly enjoyed my placement, I feel that not only did I learn a lot, but I began to feel like I was working with the team by the end. The most enjoyable thing was seeing the products of my work develop, and seeing the finished circuit. I learnt many things, about designing the schematics for circuits, about laying out PCB’s, about soldering with very small components, and about the testing process in order to make sure the final product operates as intended.



I thought my placement was extremely interesting, and I enjoyed the experience in a working environment. I also enjoyed being given a project to work on for the week, and was happy with, and proud of the result that we had achieved by the end of the week. I learned more about the company and its structure, I also learned more specifically about the FPGA department, and its role in the process of chip design. I also learnt that working can be very enjoyable and fulfilling, helped if you work in a good company with nice people!



There were a lot of challenges as the work went into far more detail than anything I’d ever done before. But the help I got from the group was really helpful. The bit I most enjoyed about my week was when I finally got to grips with the concepts and the tools of what I was doing, I’d never really seen anything that complicated before and suddenly being able to design something with that level of detail was really interesting. I learnt many things on my work experience, how much work goes into the manufacture and design of a single chip, the type of work I’d be doing if I went into electronic engineering and most importantly that it’s work that I enjoy and something I’d like to do in future.


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