Imagination’s FlowTalk suite provides all components needed to enable end-to-end real-time high quality voice and video communications. The FlowTalk suite includes an end-to-end voice/video/messaging service, white-label OTT/embedded clients, protocol stacks, and a world leading media engine based on patented algorithms for robust platform-independent echo/noise cancellation and enhanced voice and video transmission on lossy, congested networks.



White-label service that integrates ClearCall application and FlowCloud servers.



White-label Android/iOS/Linux voice/video application for wireless mobile platforms and wired CPE platforms. This application includes SIP stack for signaling and ClearMedia.

  • ClearVoLTE
    Embedded Android/Linux application that includes IR.92 VoLTE stack and ClearMedia
  • ClearRCS
    OTT or embedded Android application that includes all of the ClearCall features and RCS applications such as image share, video share, file transfer and complies with RCS5.1 standard


Optimized voice and video engine integrated with Enhanced Voice Quality Management (EVQM) and Dynamic Video Quality Management (DVQM) algorithms and ClearVoice delivers superior quality voice and video quality.

  • ClearMediaRTC
    Enhanced WebRTC media-engine that supports WebRTC OPUS voice codec and VP8 video codec in addition to all the components of ClearMedia. This integrates with the WebRTC framework and complies with stock WebRTC for ease of integration



Voice pre-processing algorithms that includes Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Noise Cancellation (NC) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).