Internet of Things (Iot)

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is set not just to revolutionize the important embedded systems market, but the very nature of the way we interact with devices and the environment around us. With intelligent and smart sensors set to become ubiquitous and in an always-on state of readiness, the future services enabled by these newly combined solutions are almost without limit.

The ‘Things’ part of IoT is already around us, with the relevant technology embedded in smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and other consumer and industrial devices. The power of IoT is really the opportunity presented when these always-on devices can communicate not just with each other but also with cloud-based resources, services and applications.

Our scalable IP solutions are designed to target every level of IoT device and system and offer proven solutions to typical problems including; managing wireless communications bandwidth to balance control and data transfer needs; providing sufficient local processing resources to enable rich graphical UIs or video and image processing; controlling power consumption and efficiency; and ensuring appropriate levels of network and data security.

Internet of Things devices must increasingly be designed to support numerous unique applications, various content sources, and in-the-field software updates from service providers and operators, all while ensuring privacy and data protection. Imagination’s OmniShield-ready hardware and software IP is ensuring that customers’ and OEMs’ IoT products are designed for security, reliability and dynamic software management, as use models and services evolve across a wide range of IoT devices.

PowerVR: PowerVR graphics, video and display processors provide the power to handle the most advanced node-based graphics and video processing requirements as well as offering the ability to deliver the advanced UIs expected in today’s devices.

MIPS: Our MIPS architecture is already established as a leader for traditional network gateway and router applications. The broad portfolio of MIPS processors can be applied to all levels of networked IoT devices ensuring the highest level of security across an entire system. MIPS M-class processors are ideal microcontrollers for 32-bit embedded applications offering high performance per size. MIPS I-class processors offer incredible scalability and performance for embedded Linux and high end RTOS systems and for systems requiring significant local intelligence.

Ensigma: Ensigma RPUs (Radio Processing Units) enable efficient integration of connectivity across all classes of IoT devices from the smallest sensor to the largest multimedia system.

FlowCloud: FlowCloud technology supports both the control of smart devices and management of the little data flowing from these devices to the Big Data analysis in the cloud.

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