Increasingly the motto of the industry is ‘Everything, Everywhere’. Mobile solutions must now offer connectivity to bring content from your PC, your TV and your music library onto the device.

Imagination is the leader in the technologies that have enabled the mobile computing revolution across devices such as smartphones, netbooks and tablets.

Security and protection of personal data as well as streaming content is of growing concern to users and content providers.

We have addressed the demand for increased heterogeneous processing in mobile computing systems by enabling computing nodes across all our technologies – PowerVR graphics processors (GPUs), multi-threaded MIPS CPUs, PowerVR video and Ensigma radio processors (RPUs).


PowerVR: Our PowerVR video cores, image enhancement and display technologies handle the demanding requirements of the widest spectrum of devices including the highest resolution displays, while our graphics add a wealth of new user interface possibilities.

MIPS: The ideal architecture for Android/Linux based tablets and other mobile computing devices, MIPS also offers power for peripheral functions including connectivity, display, power management, security and more.

Ensigma: Ensigma RPUs support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity standards as well as providing a combo solution with broadcast TV and radio demodulation.

Omnishield: Complementing our core IP by enabling multi-domain heterogeneous security, Omnishield is leading the way to the next generation of secure mobile platforms.