The mobile phone market is maturing. Smartphones now dominate, having absorbed the feature-phone segment to create a mainstream of high performance devices that forms the majority of the billions of phones shipped annually.

As well as increasing demands for graphics and general processing that come with ever larger and higher resolution screens, and advanced applications like computational photography, there’s also an increase in communication with all sorts of other devices, from audio systems and TVs to cars and home automation systems.

The growing popularity of the open Android operating system also means designers are no longer tied to a specific architecture for their mobile applications. They can now choose a processor architecture based on its merits.


PowerVR: PowerVR is respected as the industry leading graphics processor (GPU) for mobile graphics. PowerVR video encoder and video decoder cores support resolutions up to full 4K HD across all the key standards up to H.265 and PowerVR camera ISP cores are powering a new generation of cameras in mobile.

MIPS: One of only three CPU architectures supported by Android, our MIPS high-performance, low-power CPU IP cores enable a scalable range of mobile functions including applications processing, baseband processing, multi-touch controllers, wireless connectivity and more.

Ensigma: Our Ensigma radio processors (RPUs) support a wide variety of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sensor connectivity standards as well as all major TV and radio standards worldwide. Ensigma RPUs are one of the only connectivity solutions that can be included on-chip enabling the next wave of integration.

FlowCloud: An IoT device to infrastructure platform, FlowCloud includes mobile app templates for easy integration of mobile phones into a wide range of IoT solutions.